Что патч грядущий нам готовит?!

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    Еcли все это будет реализовано...

    • Implement unlimited depth categories (but not multi-mapping).
    • Refactor the user management system and make it more extensible (eg, allow custom user fields).
    • Implement a comments system (including pings and track-backs).
    • Implement queued redirects (allows you to, for example, return to the previous page you were on after you edit something).
    • Refactor parameters and make them more extensible (for example, plugins could allow you to add additional custom parameters to articles).
    • Finish MVC-ing the Administrator components (we need lots of help here).
    • Implement CAPTCHA helpers for any form.
    • Implement systems whereby external authentication systems, such as LDAP, can map to our new Joomla user groups.
    • Re-implement the ability to select multiple categories for some views in com_content (was in 1.0, got dropped in 1.5).
    • Implement a database driven installation log.
    • Refactor JError.
    • Examine the PDF generation system in detail and see if we can make it work properly (otherwise we will look at dropping it if we can't make it work well).
    • Localise the Invalid Token messages.
    • Drop the Polls component because the quality of that extension is pretty bad and there are much better third-part alternatives available.
    • Convert all layouts to semantic, XHTML Strict.
    • Convert of ini-based "params" fields to use JSON instead of INI format (huge technical and performance improvements). Note, the language files will remain in INI format.

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